Volunteers Page

This page is for the dissemination of information and thanks to our volunteer community that have helped or continue to help move the project forward.

Also available is the web site launch press release. (Requires Adobe Reader)

Copies of our newsletters are available here.

Issue 01
September 2004
Issue 02
October 2004
Issue 03
April 2005
Issue 04
June 2005
Issue 05
August 2005
Issue 06
November 2005
Issue 07
April 2006
Issue 08
July 2006
Issue 09
November 2006
Issue 10
January 2007
Issue 11
July 2007
Issue 12
February 2008

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Thank You's

First of all, our thanks to those Register Office staff that started by typing data into RSS. This data was exported reformatted, and used as part of the launch data. Names are listed in alphabetical order of surname.

Andrea Fairlie John McSweeney Liz Parry
Judy Stone Louise Williams Lisa Young
Michelle Young

Then there are the independent volunteers that have done the majority of the work involved. Names are listed in alphabetical order of forename. Many thanks to all. We could not have achieved it without you.

Allan Curtis Andrea Fairlie Andy Phillips
Ann Buchannan Ann Mannings Ann Weeks
Barbra Lakin Barry Carlson Betty O'Neill
Carole Harkin Catherine Pike Christine Smith
Christine West Dawn Cattermoul Deb Woodbridge
Deidre Desborough Diane Hale Elaine Buchan
Elaine Price Erica Ford Frank Johnson
Geoff Boothman Gerry Prior Gill Dennis
Gillian Taylor Shaw Glen Sheppard Glynis Cooper
Gordon Ashurst Graham Bartlett Helen Thompson
Ian Cottle Jackie Beattie Jamie Dimery-Seek
Jan Hardware Jan Shaw Janet & Rod Mears
Janet Huige Jennifer Evans Jenny Elson
Joan Butler John Fairlie Jos Davies
Joyce Porter Jude Broadway Julie Harding
Julie Saunders Kathy Ryan Keith Alloway
Keith Nelson Ken Knott Kim Rose
Lesley Chandler Linda & Richard Saunders Louise Fairlie
Lynne Clement Margaret Hulbert Marion Faulkner
Marion Turner Marla Burton Maureen Kirk
Maurice Catt Mo Charles Nick Furniss
Nick Royal Pamela Henwood Peter Smith
Quoy Bradbury Raye Johnson Richard Alvey
Robert Brown Ros Portsmouth Rosie Blanshard
Sam Jago Sandra Smith Sheila Ferris
Simon Newton Steve Foster Sue Standbridge
Suzanne Wiltshire Syd Allen Terry Cox
Tina Plumley Tom Kay Tony Wicks
Tracey Lee Hoy Vera Baber

Finally, a special vote of thanks to the following:

Ian HartasFor his Search Software, web site design, and unlimited assistance in setting us up.
Judy StoneFor finding the resources to fund the web site, and for allowing access to the data.
John FairlieProject Manager, Information and Volunteers Co-ordinator and Web site maintenance.
Andrea Fairlie Originally Office Manager at Bath Register Office when the project started.


The pictures below show the old index books the Register Office used - compared to new computer printed index books. In the first picture, the pile of books on the left hand side, are all replaced by the single book on the right hand side.

The other two images show the poor density and readability of the old books compared to the new book.

Click on each image to see a higher resolution image, then click on your browsers back button to return to this page.